Pick Your Politician: Why Catholics Should Vote In Party Nominations

Learn about the enormous political impact you can have when you buy a party membership and vote in your local candidate nomination process.


Only 4% of Canadians are members of political parties. That’s only four out of every 100 of us. That tiny number enjoy a special privilege: voting in political party nominations and selecting who will represent their party in each general election. Many of these nominated candidates eventually become our elected representatives. It matters who represents us. That’s why it’s so important Catholics purchase party memberships and vote in nominations.

Hear from former and current Catholic candidates from different parties about why nominations matter, and how you can get involved and pick your politicians.

Featuring a special introduction from Neil MacCarthy, Director of Public Relations & Communications at the Archdiocese of Toronto.


Jo-Ann Davis, Senior Associate, Leman Group

Talon Regent, Lawyer, Regent Law

Ben Smith, Broadcast Journalist, Rogers Communications Advisory Council on Special Education, Ontario Ministry of Education

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