Who We Are

We are a globally unique Catholic, non-partisan civic engagement organization.

Our mission is civic evangelization through Catholic social teaching: forming citizens in the full breadth of our faith’s social vision, and thereby forming our Catholic community into a diverse, influential, inclusive, and gently persuasive family of voices in civic life.

Much of our work is focused on politics, in which we take no sides. We simply promote reflection on the Christian duties of love, charity, and good stewardship, and the principles of Catholic social teaching, and send our members out to participate in public life—in whatever way best matches their abilities and vocations.

  • We engage Catholics by meeting them on their own ground, talking to them directly, and demonstrating through action and example how Catholics should behave as active citizens.
  • We inspire Catholics, and all others of good will, by sharing the full richness of Catholic Social teaching and Catholic civic responsibility, supporting the growth of both the individual and social moral imagination, for appropriate and engaged citizenship.
  • We prepare citizens for participation by educating, training, and supporting them as our sisters and brothers, building the confidence Catholics crave to go forth and engage civic society fully committed to the common good.
  • We send inspired and prepared citizens forth to vote, to participate in the public conversation, to run for office, and to volunteer in civic life. And we walk with those we send forth, so that no one is lost.

“It is necessary that all participate, each according to his position and role, in promoting the common good… As far as possible citizens should take an active part in public life.”


Every now and then we’re asked who we are
and where we came from.  The short answer is that two fairly unsophisticated Catholics, each looking for a way to give back in a healing way, were guided and helped by a whole lot of very good Catholics to take steps toward filling a large hole in the civic landscape, simply by asking questions.  We give thanks to them, and to our patron saints, every day.

The B.C. Catholic newspaper, which has been a tremendous source of guidance and encouragement, talked to us about our roots during the 2019 Canadian federal election.  The paper has remained a great collaborator in our quest to promote the common good as common sense.

In a five-part podcast series, the Archdiocese of Regina, which with all the other dioceses of Saskatchewan has given us a model for collaboration, spoke with our founders about their faith journeys, their mission, and the roots of Catholic Conscience.

In Part 1, Matthew and Brendan speak about the mission of Catholic Conscience.

In Part 2, Matthew describes the origins of his involvement.

In Part 3 Executive Director Brendan Steven explains the political origins of his contributions.

During the 2020 provincial elections in Saskatchewan, Archbishop Donald Bolen of Regina shared a few words about a proper approach to the election, and the mission of Catholic Conscience. 

And he gave us this beautiful prayer, which includes a litany to our Patron Saints.


BC Election Catholic Voters Guide Comparisons


Thanks to the the initiative of the B.C. Catholic newspaper and the guidance of its editor and staff, our collaboration on a guide to the 2019 British Columbia election won the 2020 award for Service Journalism of the Canadian Christian Communicators Association.  The judges described it as “the definition of service journalism,” and “a gift to readers.”

A very humbling honor, to share an award with such a prestigious newspaper.

In April 2022 our guide to the 2021 Canadian federal election, as printed in the B.C. Catholic newspaper,  repeated as 1st place in the Service Journalism category at the Canadian Christian Communicators Association’s awards.

We are deeply grateful for our continuing association with the B.C. Catholic and other newspapers.


To learn more, contact us at info@CatholicConscience.org,or through Facebook: fb.com/CatholicConscience.org.

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