Who We Are

Catholic Conscience is Canada’s non-partisan Catholic civic and political leadership organization. We are devoted to the mission of forming Common Good Catholics—servant-leaders rooted in Catholic social teaching—and sending them out to serve Canadians.

Much of our work is focused on politics and public service, in which we take no sides. We simply promote reflection on the Christian duties of love, charity, good stewardship, and the principles of Catholic social teaching, and send our members out to participate in public life—in whatever way best matches their abilities and vocations.

  • We engage Catholics by meeting them on their own ground, talking to them directly, and demonstrating through action and example how Catholics should behave as active citizens.
  • We inspire Catholics, and all others of good will, by sharing the full richness of Catholic Social teaching and Catholic civic obligation, supporting the growth of both the individual and social moral imagination, for appropriate and engaged citizenship.
  • We prepare citizens for participation by educating, training, and supporting them as our sisters and brothers, building the confidence Catholics crave to go forth and engage civic society fully committed to the common good.
  • We send inspired and prepared citizens forth to vote, to participate in the public conversation, to run for office, and to volunteer in civic life. And we walk with those we send forth, so that no one is lost.

To learn more, contact us at info@CatholicConscience.org,or through Facebook: fb.com/CatholicConscience.org.

“It is necessary that all participate, each according to his position and role, in promoting the common good… As far as possible citizens should take an active part in public life.”


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