CATHOLIC CIVICS: Principles, Values and Virtues of Good Government

Through its social teachings, the Church has provided guidance for the building of just societies in a very wide variety of forms, suitable for a wide variety of cultural, historical, and geographical contexts.  Forms of governance, economic structures, international relations, and mechanisms for enabling and empowering each individual to have a voice and to seek truth and God in their own way are all addressed, so that wherever and whenever we find ourselves, we are not left to grope or wander in the dark.

A primary goal of Catholic Conscience is to bring the values of the Gospel, as reflected in Catholic social teachings, into the center of social discourse.  We present seminars and workshops, and publish podcasts, videos, and notes on a variety of topics intended to stimulate discussion and to guide voters and other civic participants in making tough choices.  Take a look:  if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or have questions, let us know.  We are here to help.

Seven Themes of Social Justice

Over the years many voices within the Church have proposed listings of "themes" of social justice, usually in order to provide a logical framework for organizing thought and to facilitate discussion of social issues.  Such listings can be useful in analyses: the broad range of issues faced by society can be sorted thematically, and considered in accordance with the permanent principles, fundamental values, and virtues described above:  the principles of the sanctity of life, the common good, solidarity, and subsidiarity, and the values of truth, freedom, justice and chartitable love, often in light of the virtues of humilty and respect as disussed above.

While such listings tend to look very similar to one another, they vary according to the purposes of their authors and the needs of their audiences.  Our listing has been distilled from analyses of party platforms in multiple countries, in order to facilitate the contemplation of issues facing contemporary voters.  It is always in a state of evolution.



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Twice a month, Matthew Marquardt and Brendan Steven get together over breakfast and talk about what it means to be a Christian citizen. These are their Conscience Conversations on seeking the common good as Catholics, here in Canada and around the world.

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