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Catholic social teaching is meant to be a gift of peace and well-being to the world, borne from the very heart of the Church.  It is up to us to share it in joy, humility and respect.

Through its social teachings the Catholic Church offers rich and profoundly truthful ground for discussion of the many challenges facing our world today: ground which affords ample space for the authentic growth of everyone, so that each of us can live the life that is intended for us. From the environment to the economy to the roles of family, media, and government, the Church's doctrine provides guidance for broad and respectful conversations leading to healthy, respectful, and truly inclusive resolutions of society's problems, no matter where we live.  It all starts from an understanding of life's source and purpose.

Students, voters, and others of goodwill will recognize in the principles, values, and virtues of Catholic social teaching the very principles, values, and virtues that make documents such as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights possible.

We Catholics have a duty to understand and apply these principles, values, and virtues, and to teach them at every moment of every day by witnessing them in joyful and respectful humility before everyone God sends into our lives.

Who We Are

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Our mission is civic evangelization: the promotion of non-partisan Catholic civic and political leadership and values.  We seek to form citizens in the full breadth of our faith's social vision, and thereby forming our Catholic community into a diverse, influential, and gently persuasive family of voices within democratic civil society and politics.


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Our programs inspire, form, and send out Catholics as engaged citizens and leaders in their communities, serving and loving their neighbours generously and effectively. Learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Catholic Commons

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Every month we send subscribers a free copy of The Catholic Commons, our e-newsletter for Catholic citizens. It includes prayers, the latest updates from Pope Francis, wonderful reading and video content on citizenship and spirituality that Catholics will love, and more!



Catholic Commons

Our Monthly Newsletter

An Officer and a Prophet

April 16, 2023
Our world is rapidly growing more complex. Individuals seeking to thrive in business, education, retirement, child rearing, or even grade school require ever-increasing and sometimes…

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