Through its social teachings, the Church has provided guidance for the building just societies in a very wide variety of forms, suitable for a wide variety of cultural, historical, and geographical contexts.  Forms of governance, economic structures, international relations, and mechanisms for empowering each individual to have a voice and to seek truth in their own way are all addressed, so that wherever and whenever we find ourselves, we are not left to grope or wander in the dark.

A primary goal of Catholic Conscience is to bring the values of the Gospel, as reflected in Catholic social teachings, into the center of social discourse.  We present seminars and workshops, and publish podcasts, videos, and notes on a variety of topics intended to stimulate discussion.  Take a look:  if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or have questions, please let us know!  We are here to help.

The Guidelines:  Principles, Values, & Virtues of Catholic Social Thought

Structures:  Social Institutions

Democracy:  the Duty to Participate

When we’ve Gone too Far:  Social Sin


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