Federal Election Guide: the Economy

Our partnership with the Catholic Register continues with Catholic reflections on the economy. The Church takes a clear position on the economy: it should serve people by providing the means to maintain a continuous search for God — especially in a search for God in our families and in each other. In the Pope’s vision, the economy “favours the integral development of the world’s peoples, a just distribution of the Earth’s resources, the guarantee of dignified labour and the encouragement of private initiative and local enterprise.”

Canada’s economy brings both blessings and challenges. Most Canadians have access to the necessities of life — food, clothing, basic education, transportation and housing, and perhaps a bit more. Yet many Canadians go without nutritious food, a roof over their heads, opportunities to dignified employment and more. For many, it is difficult to find stable, full-time employment capable of supporting a satisfying family life. This is particularly true for young couples, many of whom struggle to participate in the economic life of society and to share in the hope for a brighter future.

Source: The Catholic Register - October 15, 2019
Full article at: https://www.catholicregister.org/item/30286-federal-election-a-catholic-guide#economy

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Federal Election Guide: Foreign Relations

Our partnership with the Catholic Register continues, with reflections on the Canada's role in the global community. Pope Francis has advocated for international co-operation, particularly between wealthy countries such as Canada and countries struggling with issues like poverty, climate change, corruption and economic abuse by their own governments and multinational corporations. He has also warned against the resurgence of isolationist nationalism.

A nation “cannot be regarded as absolute and an island,” he said. “It cannot provide its people with the common good” while meeting “the great contemporary challenges of climate change, new slavery and peace.”

Source: The Catholic Register - October 11, 2019
Full article at: https://www.catholicregister.org/item/30286-federal-election-a-catholic-guide#foreign-policy

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Our 2019 Toronto Downtown Region All-Candidates' Meeting

Many thanks to the Green Party's Dean Maher, who was the only one the 11 invited candidates from four parties that managed to join us at St Peter's Church for our 2019 Downtown Toronto Regional All-Candidates' meeting.

We were sorry to have missed those who sent regrets, and disappointed in those campaigns that declined to respond to us. We had a good turnout from all three ridings, and an excellent and informative conversation with Mr Maher, who explained both his personal values and those of his party. We also talked about the very common problem faced by principled voters whose values are not completely supported by any of the parties' or candidates' platforms, and the different means and options for deciding one's vote.

We also touched upon the importance of candidates taking time to engage with potential constituents, including the importance of such meetings as a factor in deciding one's vote.

Given the importance of meetings between local representatives and their potential constituents, we intend to continue hosting meetings during future elections, and invite all candidates, all parties, and all voters of good will to consider joining us on those occasions. Like so many candidates in past elections, Mr Maher expressed great pleasure at the pleasant respectfulness of our interactions, even on issues in which his party is not entirely in line with the Church.

Source: Catholic Conscience - October 10, 2019
Full article at: https://www.facebook.com/CatholicConscience.org

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Federal Election Guide: The Environment

Our partnership with the Catholic Register continues, with reflections on the environment. Radical change” is needed, Pope Francis said, in order “to save our common home” and “to avoid perpetrating a brutal act of injustice towards the poor and future generations.” A culture of materialism and consumerism has led to lifestyles in the industrialized world that are unsustainable and “can only precipitate catastrophes.”

Source: The Catholic Register - September 26, 2019
Full article at: https://www.catholicregister.org/item/30286-federal-election-a-catholic-guide

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Federal Election Guide: Good Citizenship

Catholic Conscience is proud to partner with The Catholic Register to present perspectives on issues of interest to Catholic voters in the lead-up to Canada's federal election. "Political strategists often talk about so-called ballot questions — the questions voters ask themselves as they cast their votes. For Catholics, our ballot questions should be: Is my vote contributing to the enrichment of God-given dignity and justice for every Canadian? Am I casting a vote for a candidate who has displayed the virtues of humility, integrity and respect for the dignity of all, a candidate who will enable and encourage the pursuit of the truth which ultimately is God?”

Source: The Catholic Register - September 19, 2019
Full article at: https://www.catholicregister.org/item/30286-federal-election-a-catholic-guide

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Federal Election Debate: from a Catholic Perspective

We are excited to share that the Archdiocese of Toronto will be hosting a federal election debate on October 3rd, so that Canada’s Catholic community can hear directly from the political parties about issues of deep concern to Catholics.

This is a great opportunity for the Catholic community to make our voices heard in politics. We are so excited to be there! We are proud to have played a small role in this idea and look forward to the world seeing how engaged and diverse our community is.

We hope to see you on October 3rd! (Free) Tickets will be available starting September 3rd. And stay tuned for details about our Catholic Action election program, which we will be running over the course of the federal election—supporting Catholics as they fulfill their duty to vote and engage in political action.

Source: Office of Communications of the Archdiocese of Toronto - August 20, 2019
Full article at: http://www.archtoronto.org/election

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Pope calls faithful to pray, participate actively in politics (CNA)

“A good Catholic meddles in politics, offering the best of himself, so that those who govern can govern... Politics, according to the Social Doctrine of the Church, is one of the highest forms of charity, because it serves the common good,” he explained. “I cannot wash my hands, eh? We all have to give something!”

Source: Catholic News Agency - August 10, 2019
Full article at: https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/pope-calls-faithful-to-pray-participate-actively-in-politics?fbclid=IwAR1l6ombzGXIn5q44IzxxcOwiea91NVBvEiymWrTytv-6eBQ1OUEhnxow9k

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The benefits of fighting climate change

CARE FOR CREATION. Last month Pope Francis warned a Vatican summit on climate change that time is running out, and decisive action is needed on climate change. Climate change, he warned, "threatens the very future of the human family." The linked CBC news item points out that aside from ensuring that future generations have a place to call home, acting now on climate change might bring even more benefits.

Source: CBC News - July 10, 2019
Full article at: https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/climate-change-mitigation-co-benefits-1.5205552

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Ford government cutting $1B from social services over 3 years

LIFE & DIGNITY, SUBSIDIARITY, STEWARDSHIP. Cuts to social services can affect many people in many ways that may not be immediately apparent. One the one hand, it can be good to know that the use of public resources in being monitored. On the other hand, what happens to services that are cut? Are opportunities being given to other providers, such as charities and NGOs, or are people being left out in the cold? And questions remain: what happens to the money saved? Is it being reinvested in other services, returned to taxpayers, or used to reduce deficits?

Source: Global News - April 12, 2019
Full article at: https://globalnews.ca/news/5161588/ford-government-cutting-1-billion-social-services/

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Globe editorial questions whether Ontario's economic platforms are good for workers

Provincial economic platforms, including jobs programs and income supplements touch on Catholic Social Teachings relating to the common good, the dignity of work, solidarity, good stewardship, and the universal destination of goods. All jurisdictions must be competitive on wages in order to attract business. However, they also need to attract and keep low-wage workers by treating them fairly and not exploiting their economic vulnerability. Some question whether the Ford government has fairly considered both sides of the question.

Source: Globe and Mail - October 24, 2018
Full article at: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/editorials/article-globe-editorial-ontario-is-open-for-business-but-on-the-back-of/

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