Our mission is to bring humility, wisdom, and Gospel values to public life. Your gift will help.

Our mission is civic evangelization: forming citizens in the full breadth of our faith’s social vision, and thereby forming our Catholic community into a diverse, influential, and gently persuasive family of voices within democratic civil society and politics. Your gift supports programs that help us inspire Catholics to share the light of Christ in civic life. Thank you!

Ways To Donate

Catholic Conscience works with the following partners in accepting donations. For donations made thru our partners, the charitable tax receipt will be issued by the partners.


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A Year For Civic Evangelization

Overview & Purpose of Accepting Donations

Our purpose is civic evangelization. This means that, as stated in our documents of incorporation, our purpose is to educate Catholics and others of good will in principles of Catholic Social Teaching, including life and human dignity, the common good, responsibility, and subsidiarity; the values of truth, freedom, justice, and charitable love; and the virtues of humility, wisdom, prudence, courage, faith, and hope; thereby to form and encourage them for participation in civic life on behalf of and for the good of all. We are expressly prohibited, by our documents of incorporation, to endorse any party or candidate for public office.

All our activities are directed toward this purpose. Donations we receive from generous, concerned people like yourself are directed to these ends through the types of outreach published on our website and in our written materials. While we sometimes alter or develop the content, nature, and appearance of our materials and our outreach efforts, our purposes do not change. Any donations you provide will be used for these purposes, directly and indirectly—while we strive always for efficiency, we do have some administrative costs in organizing our outreach and materials and complying with federal and local laws, and caring for our employees. We endeavor to inform our donors about all uses of their donations, including our administrative expenses, in our annual reports.

We also strive to provide full, accurate, and timely acknowledgement of donations in the form of tax receipts issued in accordance with the requirements of the Canada revenue agency. If you have problems or questions about your receipt, please let us know.  Courtesy and compliance matter.

While we sometimes describe our programs and our materials in soliciting donations, in the absence of separate written agreements we normally neither contemplate, solicit, nor accept targeted or directed gifts. If you would like to fund a particular program through directed giving, please contact us. We’re glad to have your support, but a bit of conversation is required to ensure that both you and we understand.

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