Our mission is to bring humility, wisdom, and Gospel values to public life. Your gift will help.

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Catholic Conscience is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, registration no. 701256521RR0001.

Monetary donations of $25 or more made directly to Catholic Conscience will receive a Canadian charitable tax receipt.

We utilize PayPal for credit card payment process and you are not required to have or open a PayPal account.

Your Donation Supports Our Cause and Programings

Thanks to you, we’re growing.  Our formation materials and election templates are now consulted in more than 120 countries.  We are trying to grow responsibly, so that we maintain balance and strict non-partisanship.

Here’s what we have in the works for 2024/2025

Discernment & Elections  (Estimated Programming Budget $47,500.00)

Much of our work is directed toward specific elections.  People are hungry for balanced, non-partisan information on the full range of social issues.  We’re trying to keep up.

  • Election Guides: Comprehensive analysis of party / candidate positions, with direct comparison to each other and to Catholic Social Teaching, and with Points to Ponder for promoting reflection from the Catholic point of view.  We are preparing guides for 2024 for US Presidential Election, Canadian Federal (2025) and Provincial Elections,  UK Federal Elections, and other  State / Provincial / Municipal elections.
  • Discernment Materials: Online Rosary campaigns and reflections for group and solo prayer.
  • Parish Leader Workshops: Tips for getting out the vote by encouraging parishioners to organize candidates meetings / townhall meetings, helping eligible voters in registering to vote, and assisting those who need assistance in going to the polling station.

Deeper Civic Formation (Estimated  Programing Budget $38,700.00)

A gratifying number of people are interested in learning more about Catholic Social Teaching, in particular its application in the civic and political contexts.  We were delighted when we discovered how many high school and university classes, as well as home schools and private study groups – not to mention concerned individuals - are using our materials to understand how civics and politics can work for our true good.  We want to expand the materials, and make them better. 

  • Newsletter: The Catholic Commons.   Current events and commentary promoting reflection from the Catholic point of view -  In Good Conscience, Of Common Interest, Of Common Concern
  • Formational webinars and materials: The Catholic duty to participate in civic life, formation for politicians, candidates and civic leaders, and for campaign managers & staff.
  • Catholic Civics: Resources for schools and teachers: lesson plans, instructional texts and videos.

Anything you can share will help not only you, but students, teachers, and maybe voters who don’t have enough to share.  Thanks for whatever you can do, including prayer.

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March 25, 2024

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