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Read.  Pray.  Vote.

The Catholic Church considers that elected democratic office is a position of immense responsibility, to be held in high trust and exercised with great humility, wisdom, and respect, in the interest of the common good.  Our leaders are meant to help gather us in a spirit of mutual cooperation and support, setting for us an example of listening and collaboration as, together, all citizens seek common ground for authentic growth as human beings.  This applies fully to municipal offices, including that of Mayor.  Cities are homes to the majority of citizens, and are often the first recourse of new citizens for safety, housing, and well-being.

We have invited all registered candidates for the office of Mayor to consider 10 open-ended questions intended to allow them to share, in their own words, their plans for working toward the true welfare of all Torontonians.  The questions cover the full range of Catholic social teaching, as it applies to municipal office.

We shared the questionnaire with all candidates who provided e-mail addresses with their official registration information as of May 15, 2023.  We will endeavor to keep postings current. Candidates are encouraged to respond promptly. While we will do our best, it can typically take up to 24 hours to post responses.

Candidate responses are presented unedited, in the form they are returned to us.  If you are looking for a candidate who is not listed, that candidate has either not responded to our inquiry or has not provided an email contact address for the official registration website.  If you are aware of a registered candidate who has not been able to respond to us, please let us know at info@CatholicConscience.org.

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