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Canada Federal Platform Comparisons

In accordance with our duty to participate, this page offers a summary of issues relevant to Canada’s next federal election, setting relevant Catholic teachings side by side with positions of the parties, using the parties’ own words.  This summary is intended to help you in deciding your vote, whether you are Catholic or simply a good person interested in a better world.

Canada’s next federal election will offer voters an opportunity to ensure that the country is guided by leaders who will provide practical and efficient leadership with the good of all in mind – including the unborn, the elderly, the young, families, and those who are too often forgotten or ostracized by society – as well as workers, farmers, business owners, and all future generations. Here is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the parties’ platforms and positions, and their relation to the social teachings of the Church.

It will also offer an opportunity for bold, meaningful steps in the process of building a just society and economy, a society and economy that are, in the words of Pope Francis, structured to serve people. We only need to vote wisely!

Our party platform comparisons are based on official publications of the registered parties, and any communications provided by the parties directly to Catholic Conscience, as of September 2, 2021.  We will update these materials  as best we can as the elections approach.  Voters are in all cases encouraged to review the websites, platforms, and other materials published by the parties, and to speak directly to the parties and their candidates.   Parties having questions or suggestions for the improvement of these comparisons are invited to contact us at

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  • Download a printable version of the complete comparison (79 pages, 1.8MB) by clicking at left below. 
  • To watch interviews on Catholic values with representatives of the major parties, click at the right.

2021 Canada Federal Platform Comparisons

A printable version of the complete platform comparison set out in easy-to-browse form below, covering the complete substance of each party’s platform in the party’s own words.

Watch The Catholic Virtual All-Parties’ Forum For The 2021 Federal Election

View on YouTube:

We thank each of the candidates, and their parties, who so generously shared their time with us, reflecting on the ways in which their parties’ platforms reflect Catholic values:

– Garnett Genuis, the Conservative Party candidate in the Alberta riding of Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan;
– Filomena Tassi, the Liberal Party candidate in the Ontario riding of Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas; and
– Norm Di Pasquale, NDP Candidate for Spadina Fort York in Ontario.

Each candidate offers thoughts on their party’s vision and policy ideas as they relate to the common good, life and dignity of the human person, reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples, building an economy at the service of people, care for God’s creation, rights, responsibilities, and participation in society, solidarity, and Canadian culture.  Our prayers go with them and their parties, in thanks for the sacrifices they have made in serving as our leaders.

Please note that we invited other parties through designated contact addresses, as we did for the parties that participated.  Such other parties either declined to respond at all, or declined to identify candidates for interviews.  Our prayers go with them as well.

The Sanctity of Human Life: from Conception to Natural Death

Abortion, Euthanasia & Alternatives │ Human Engineering │ Population Control

Stewardship of Creation

Climate Change │ Species, Diversity & Wildlife │ Energy & Resources │ Conservation & Sustainable Development

Family, Community & the Common Good

Role of the Family │ Healthcare │ Education & Young Workers │ Culture Arts & Tourism

An Economy for All

The Dignity of Work │ Poverty Reduction │ Labour, Unions, Employment | Industries & Corporations

The Individual & Society: Rights, Responsibility, & Subsidiarity

Civil Liberties │ Human Rights │ Responsibilities: Participation & Subsidiarity


Supporting the Marginalized │ Indigenous Peoples │ Rural Communities │ Refugees & Newcomers

Good Government: Democracy, Justice, & Peace

Role & Purpose of Government │ Stewardship & Reform │ Provinces, Territories, Municipalities │ International Relations & Defense │ Public Safety

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