We are a new organization, and not currently soliciting donations. Rather, we seek individuals to help us by posting links to relevant news items and helping to monitor the progress of elections.  If you would like to contribute in this way, please e-mail us at Matthew@Chapter25.org.

We are a non-partisan, independent organization devoted to the education of voters and improvement of the electoral process.  We strive in all our postings to maintain a strict, non-partisan position: we simply want information linked in a neutral fashion to relevant issues, candidates, and elections.  Through our Facebook pages @CatholicConscience.org and @VoiceandHeart.org, we encourage positive and respectful discussion of issues.

If you have a special interest in helping or in donations, please e-mail us.  We are growing rapidly, and hope to continue doing so, and your contribution might help the early stages of that process.