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We are an independent, non-partisan organization devoted to the formation of all Catholics, and others of good will, for full civic participation in accordance with the social teachings of the Catholic Church. We want to bring Gospel values to the center of public discourse.

Catholic Action

Catholics believe that each of us has an obligation to participate in civic life.  Each of us is called to assess our individual strengths, abilities, and passions, so that we might apply them, in the name of the God who entrusted them to us, to benefit not just ourselves, but all of those around us. Check here for opportunities.

Catholic Civics

Through its social teachings, the Church has provided guidance for the building of just societies in a very wide variety of forms.  Forms of governance, economic structures, international relations, and mechanisms for empowering each individual to have a voice and to seek truth in their own way are all addressed, so that whatever the global and contemporary context, we are not left to grope or wander in the dark.

What’s Happening: the 2019 Federal Elections

The 2019 Federal Election will take place on or before October 21st.  Catholic Conscience is assembling a full comparison of each of the parties’ platforms to specific Catholic Social Teachings.   We will use the full comparison to develop a set of summaries of prominent issues.

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Economic approaches to environmental sustainability

Care for God's creation is among the Church's fundamental social teachings. Both respect for the Creator and wisdom would seem to dictate a concern for leaving a viable world for our children. Wise application of economic tools can offer just routes to a fairer and more sustainable world, while offering dignified work through innovation.

Source: The Globe and Mail Newspaper - October 9, 2018
Full article at: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-to-avoid-catastrophic-climate-change-we-need-carbon-pricing/

Relevant locations:
Canada, USA, Mexico

Relevant political parties:

Care for the environment, Democracy, citizenship & participation, Dignity of work, Economic justice & sustainability, Human Rights & Duties, Humility, Justice, Poverty, greed & contentment, Respect for the common good, Truth, Wisdom


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